The Future of Multi-Unit Operations is Digital

It's time to stop using paper books to manage your stores.
Squadle is a smart, connected operations platform that helps multi-units increase profitability,
reduce risk, and make better decisions using tablets, sensors, and data.

Achieve Operational Excellence.

Squadle fully replaces paper logs, then automates robotic tasks
so employees spend more time where it counts —serving customers.

Digitize Your Paper Logs

Squadle Checklists™ provides real-time accountability, boosts employee engagement, and replaces unreliable paper logs.

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Automate with Sensors

Our hardware platform allows for direct integration to hardware and sensors in your store.

Automatically monitor coolers and temperature-regulated equipment 24/7, or use Squadle’s patented ZeroTouch™ handheld sensor technology to speed up your existing workflows.

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Analyze Real-time Data

Real-time alerts notify stakeholders so they can take care of issues before they become problems. Our algorithms predict equipment failures before they happen, providing you with the best defense against (otherwise unpredictable) catastrophic food loss.

Keep on top of all locations with Squadle’s daily email reports, providing insight to the strength of your operations.

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Scale Globally with Confidence

Squadle's proprietary global technology management platform provides hardware, connectivity, support and more in over 100+ countries.

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SEE the Future with Squadle Genius™

Coming soon: Use your existing surveillance systems to detect issues automatically in store before they become your problem.

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