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Better Data.
Better Operations.
Better Profitability.

Squadle improves profitability by over $1000/mo per location with a back-of-house technology platform built specifically for multi-units


The Future of Multi-Unit Operations is Digital

It's time to stop using paper books to manage your stores.
Squadle is a smart, connected operations platform that helps multi-units increase profitability,
reduce risk, and make better decisions using tablets, sensors, and data.

Customized Installation at Your Pace

Squadle fully replaces paper logs, then automates robotic tasks
so employees spend more time where it counts —serving customers.
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Digitize Your Paper Logs

Squadle Checklists™ provides real-time accountability, boosts employee engagement, and replaces unreliable paper logs.


Automate with Sensors

Our hardware platform allows for direct integration to hardware and sensors in your store.

Monitor coolers and other equipment automatically, 24/7, or use our handheld sensors to speed up existing workflow.


Analyze Real-time Data

Real-time alerts notify stakeholders so they can take care of issues before they become problems.

Daily emails provide a complete view of your operations strength.

Supercharge with Partner Hardware and APIs


Wireless Integration with Store Hardware
Squadle integrates locally for real-time applications and cost savings.  Save on data and deployment costs with one reliable connection to the internet.


Seamless Cloud Integration with our API
Squadle also integrates in the cloud with other providers. Take advantage of big data and the raw computational power of cloud-to-cloud integration.

Featured Integrations

Digi Smartsense

Temperature Monitoring


Wireless Sensors


Reviews and Feedback


Data and Connectivity


Foot Traffic Tracker


Custom API Integration

Your Integration Here

Custom API Integration

The Leader In Digital Automation

Squadle is spearheading the digital automation movement with the top retailers in the world.
Let us help you integrate sensors and automation in your organization.

Squadle's robust API and universal data ingestion is an easy hook into existing technologies.
Our proven service model means smooth on-boarding, reduced churn, and ongoing customer success.
Industry-specific analytics enable operators to monitor, diagnose, and predict with unparalleled efficiency.