The business of fast casual and quick-service dining is exactly that: Fast.

Yet the technology powering these restaurants hasn’t kept pace. It is unwieldy or remains mired in the pen-and-paper era.

That’s why restaurants of all types deploy Squadle’s cutting-edge tools and applications: to create customized solutions that automate back-of-house tasks to save time and money

Headquartered next to MIT in Historic Cambridge, Squadle is the pioneer in automated accountability and compliance products for the restaurant industry. As a software and hardware company with more than 20 years of leadership experience in hospitality and technology, we understand our customers’ needs and how to solve them quickly and effectively.

Squadle’s smart thermometers and interactive checklists help managers spot potential issues or irregularities and automatically alert managers before they become expensive complications — even when no one is present. And since data is collected in real time and time stamped, managers can trust that it is accurate. Over time, Squadle’s robust data platform 39 allows corporate parent companies to make more informed decisions and improve brand consistency across all of their stores.

Squadle can drastically improve operations, compliance, and communication for your company through automation. Get in touch today to learn how.”