Keystone Restaurant Group Cuts Reporting Time in Half With Squadle

Keystone Restaurant Group owns and operates ten Sonic locations in southern California. Company President Darren Chu was introduced to Squadle through a friend, and has been using Squadle for data reporting ever since. In this Q&A, learn how the Keystone team is getting more accountable and more productive using Squadle.

How are you using Squadle?

We use Squadle to track temperature data and keep checklists for cleaning. In California, we have to do certain things and record certain things. If we don’t have that stuff done, the health department can come and fine us or even shut us down. We have to be compliant or we won’t be in business. Squadle helps us stay on track.

What do you like about Squadle?

I like how easy it is to use, much easier than the books. Managers used to have to carry around these 10 pound books. They were so heavy, so sometimes people would get lazy and not want to use them. With Squadle we have this lightweight tablet and you can just walk around with it.

Also, because we’re using Squadle, we’re keeping more accurate records. With the books, if you forget something you can fill it in later and back date it. Because of the To Do lists, Squadle doesn’t let you do that, and that’s a good thing.

What’s your favorite feature?

I like being able to keep our company directory on Squadle. It makes information easily accessible and if there are staff changes it’s simple to update. It helps us communicate better.

How does Squadle help you?

We record our compliance data five times a day, and that takes 30 minutes each day. With Squadle it only takes about 10 or 15 minutes, so it’s half the time. This is great because we want our managers making food and focusing on other things, like our customers.

See Keystone’s complete case study video here.

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