Why Franchisors Need to Go Digital With Compliance Reporting

Franchisors are tasked with delivering a high quality customer experience at each store location that they operate. Not only does the experience have to be consistent across all stores, but it also has to be up to the standards of main brand.

This means that all the little things count. The way you greet your customers, the napkins, the timing of the food...everything. The stuff you do that you may not think directly impact your customers, like compliance reporting, is also important. The truth is that every aspect of restaurant is connected, and it all adds up to the total customer experience.

So with this in mind, here are five reasons why you should go digital with your compliance reporting today.

1. Have better access to your data

There is a ton of valuable information recorded in your paper logbooks. But it’s practically impossible to find it or do anything with it. If you take your reporting online, you can unlock your data from antiquated logbooks and have it readily available to analyze through an online dashboard.

2. Save time

A digital logbook system relieves restaurant managers of the cumbersome, time-intensive task of reporting with traditional logbooks. You can even automate some of the data collection through sensors, simplify the process with task lists, and encourage data-reporting by offering a clean and easy-to-use UI. This can save restaurant managers time and free them up to engage with customers, increase sales, and help the staff.

3. Deal with issues in real-time

Food quality issues, lack of inventory, or trouble with personnel are immediate concerns that have to be dealt with immediately. If reports of these matters are locked in paper logbooks, no one can improve the situation. With a digital logbook, you can act quickly when your business needs it most because you’ll see when new reports come in. If something is wrong, you’ll know right away.

4. Consistent data collection makes better restaurants

If you want a consistent experience, you need consistent data to drive the decisions that create that experience.

A good digital logbook system will include task management tools ensure that all the right data is recorded after every shift, helping to create a consistent customer experience at every location. Also, when you use sensor technology to automates some of this reporting ( like for temperature recording) you get the most accurate measurements possible. An organized approach to data collection breeds transparency, accountability, and a better business overall.

5. Put eco-friendly business ideals into practice

We discovered that one customer with 60 locations was wasting three tons of paper each year thanks to paper logbooks. That's huge!

Consumers are increasingly conscious of the environment and are looking to spend their money with businesses that feel the same way. We already do things like using organic ingredients and recycled paper for napkins and menus. Why wouldn’t we solve the problem that is right in front of us and trade in wasteful paper logbooks for a digital solution?

So there you have it - the key reasons why you need to start thinking about a digital logbook system for your restaurants. The Squadle digital logbook system offers all of the reporting, task management, and sensor features we discussed. If you’d like a demo, contact us today.