20 Restaurant and Technology Experts You Should Learn From Today

Image by Daryna Kossar

Image by Daryna Kossar

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It's important, albeit difficult, to stay up-to-date in the restaurant industry due to the ever-changing trends and incredible amount of innovation.  With this in mind, we though we'd make it a little easier for you by compiling a list of twenty people from every corner of the restaurant and technology business that we think you should follow. 

1. Sarah McCrary @MsSarahMcCrary

Sarah McCrary is the CEO of Leaf, a company that creates POS (Point of Sale) tablets designed for commerce and specifically small businesses.  Follow her to get updates on technology for the tablet world. 

2. Dan Simpson @ToGoOrders

Follow the Co-Founder and VP of Business Development for ToGo Technologies (which provides e-commerce options to the restaurant industry) if you’re interested in staying up to date on mobile apps in the restaurant industry.  

3. Darren Tristano @DarrenTristano

Darren Tristano is the Executive VP of Technomic and oversees their Restaurant Practice.  Technomic is a firm that researches and consults for the restaurant industry.  Tristano speaks a lot about developing menus and conceptualizing national food chains while also providing market intelligence reports for foodservice execs.  He tweets about technology in the restaurant industry and shares a lot of interesting ideas about restaurant chains. 

4. Dan Kim @DanKimRedMango

Follow the dynamic and witty founder of Red Mango and self-described "Flavor, Tech, and Design Addict" for info on the restaurant industry from the viewpoint of a leader in the industry. 

5. Joseph Carbonara @FES_Editor

The Editor in Chief of Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Magazine is one of our must-follows.  We can promise that you'll stay up to date with all the important issues of the restaurant industry by following this expert.   

6. Fred LeFrance @lefranc 

The President of Results Thru Strategy is a great person to follow as he gives advice to business owners and speaks a lot about casual dining.   

7. Hudson Riehle @HudsonRiehle

The Senior VP of the National Restaurant Association's Research and Knowledge Group gives an outstanding amount of interesting and relevant stats about the restaurant industry.  Follow him and we promise that you'll be totally up-to-date on all of the latest data concerning the restaurant industry.  

8. Danielle Gould @dhgisme

Danielle Gould is the Food + Tech Connect founder and is a leading expert in this field.  She tweets about, you guessed it, food and technology.  Follow her to stay on top of technology trends in restaurants as well as to get updates on openings in restaurant tech and marketing classes.

9. Gary Stotko @Stotko

Gary Stotko is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Custom Business Solutions, Inc. and one of the Restaurant Technology Guys.  We not only think this guy is definitely a must-follow but highly recommend is other twitter account (@RestTechGuys) to get all the latest info on restaurant technology.  

10. Gregg Sourbeck @GreggSourbeck

His twitter bio says it all: "Helping people in the foodservice industry with technology."  Not only is Sourbeck the President of Foodtech 180 LLC., he also gives great advice for restaurant owners on twitter. 

11. Joey Castillo @NSJoey

The VP of Software Development of Custom Business Solutions, Inc. and the self-described, "technology servant to the restaurant industry" provides tweets to give you motivation as well as news about the latest on technology in the restaurant industry.

12. Rachel Greenberger @businessforfood

Rachel Greenberger is the director of Food Sol, an action tank for eater-entrepreneurs, at Babson College.  Follow her for the latest food trends and make sure to check out her website for an interesting take on the importance of "prioritizing food experience over food data." 

13. Mike Schultz @Infuser 

Interested in all technology trends? The President of Message Infusion is a great person to follow for tech news.  

14. Paul Barron @paulbarron

Paul Barron, the founder of FastCasual.com, QSRWEb.com, and DigitalCoCo is an expert on all things in the restaurant industry.  Follow him to keep up-to-date on the "fast casual" restaurant trend and how it is taking advantage of using technology.  He makes a lot of interesting connections between the restaurant and the hospitality industry.  

15. Abby Lorden @abbylorden

Follow the Editor in Chief of Hospitality Technology Magazine to catch up on news about trends in technology for the entire hospitality industry. 

16. Christopher Garner @SmartBriefChris

The Account Director of Smart Brief, a newsletter designed for specific industries, organizations, and advocacy groups, has interesting tweets about trends in the food industry (including both restaurants and supermarkets) and provides insight into what the future might hold for the industry.  

17. Matthew Wise @mattovator

Matthew Wise is not only the Co-founder of FounderLY, he also is the chief organizer of @FoodStartups and creator of @FoodHackathon.  Follow him for tweets about food, technology and innovation.  

18. Gerald San Jose @geraldsanjose

Gerald San Jose is the Communications and Media Manager for the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group.  He explores the "intersection between food and tech" in his tweets.   

19. Michael L. Atkinson @michaelatkinson

With thirty years of experience in the restaurant industry, this CEO of Food Tech Strategies and founder of FohBoh (the "leading online professional community and social media company dedicated to the foodservice industry") is a great person to follow to get the latest news on the restaurant industry and technology.  

20. Jayson Hoolseema @Jayson0601

Follow the VP of Information Technology at the National Retail Federation for news about technology usage in all retail industries. 

That's our list of 20 important restaurant technology experts we think you should follow.  Who do you keep up with for the latest food tech trends?  Feel free to share them in the comments.