6 High Tech Restaurants That Will Blow Your Mind

Take a look at six incredibly cool restaurants that are taking the food tech trend to the next level! 

1. Haohai Robot Restaurant, Harbin

The Haohai Robot Restaurant is almost entirely run by robots who both serve and cook food as well as provide entertainment.  This restaurant is one of four robot-run restaurants in China and offers incredibly cheap meals (generally less than $10) while being manned by twenty very expensive robots (that can cost anywhere from $31,000 to $47,000).  These robots can run for five hours straight without needing to be charged.  Ultimately, they end up being cheaper than hiring full time employees because there is no need to be paid overtime or provided health care and also serve as a draw for potential customers.  

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2. Inamo, London

Inamo is a truly interactive restaurant experience in which complete control is given to the diner.  The dining experience revolves around the table surface on which each dish on the menu can be seen as well as ordered.  Customers can also set the mood for their dinner experience, discover the local neighborhood, and even order a cab to go home.  


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3. Bell Book & Candle, NYC

Bell Book & Candle embodies "food tech" by their implementation of an aeronopic rooftop garden.  Aeronopics is the process by which the roots of a plant are suspended over a nutrient solution which eliminates the need for soil.  This allows for the garden to not only be light enough to prevent the roof from collapsing under its weight but also removes the need for pesticides and or additives.  The produce is brought down from the roof using a carbon-neutral pulley system.  It doesn't get fresher than this.


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4. ‘s Baggers, Nuremberg

Upon entering 's Baggers, diners are given a tablet from which they order.  Their food is then delivered to them by way of a ramp that is similar to a roller coaster for food.  ‘s Baggers has found a way to do food delivery without a server (regardless of if the server is a human or not).  In this restaurant, technology has definitely replaced the need for servers in restaurants.  


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5. Alinea, Chicago

Being named Elite Traveler’s Best Restaurant three years in a row has got to mean something.  Featuring courses like an edible green apple flavored balloon with helium inside shows Alinea’s use of technology and innovation in their food.  At Alinea, food definitely meets technology.  

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6. Ultraviolet, Shanghai

10 seats. 20 course extravagant meal.  No decor.  Instead, the dining room at Ultraviolet implements computerized RGB lights, LED floor strips, pin projectors, UV bulbs, an HD wall and table projectors, dry scent diffusers tracking shape recognition, an infrared camera, a multi-channel surround sound system, individual laser speakers, and a temperature air blown turbine.  We're not sure it gets more high tech than this completely immersive dining experience.  


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Do you think technology in restaurants enhances or takes away from the dining experience?  Let us know what you think in the comments.