Squadle+Triton! (And What This Means for You)

We're thrilled to announce a new partnership with Triton, which will enhance our product line and make our customers' lives that much easier through simpler reporting and easier access to data.

Who Is Triton?

Triton has been a leader in the ATM industry for more than 30 years, manufacturing units that are in use worldwide. They are a Mississippi-based company known for  its expertise in recent years on developing cash security and cash management systems, known as smart safes, under the VersaSafe brand.

...And Who Are We?

Most of you know this, but here's a refresher: We help restaurants streamline back of house operations through our platform, which includes digital logbooks, business intelligence dashboards, and coming soon, temperature sensors. With built-in accountability and record-tracking tools, we help managers tend to other aspects of the operation (like customers!) with the assurance that staff will continue to observe operational protocol, procedures and best practices. Lots of cool people like Burgerfi, Chicken & Rice Guys, and Sonic Drive-In use us.

How We Are Working Together

Retail and restaurant managers spend the bulk of their time navigating the store and working closely with staff to ensure the smooth operation of the business. They don't spend a lot of time in an office poring over data and leafing through reports to keep tabs on the business. They simply can't afford to.

And when a manager oversees multiple stores, time is even more limited.

Besides time, another obstacle to efficient management is access to information. Oftentimes, a manager must work across multiple platforms to obtain data on operational details such as labor and safe deposits.

We recognized the manager's daily challenge to stay current with the key indicators and information needed to successfully monitor the broader operation. With that in mind, we wanted to streamline all the varied mobile sites, bringing them together with its hand-held devices,making data access simple and convenient.

We believe it all really comes down to simplifying the back office for our users. You have a lot of things operating on different mediums where it becomes a pain to leverage the full value of those for users.

The Solution

VersaSafe is a money management system that functions like an ATM working in reverse. Instead of withdrawing money from the units, users deposit funds — i.e., cash and checks — into the machines.

The safe helps operators overcome various challenges and expenses associated with cash management. For instance, VersaSafe counts money received, eliminating the need for staff to spend time on this menial task.

Additionally, the safes are considered theft deterrents and managers can limit access through the use of electronic coding and passwords. They also can determine who handled a safe deposit, the amount deposited and when a deposit was made.

VersaLink can provide real-time updates on a broad array of operational aspects. For example, a business might track revenue based on deposits throughout the day and even keep tabs on money at remote locations — whether in a VersaSafe or in the bank — via computer, tablet or smartphone. Pickups can be scheduled when the unit approaches capacity.

The technology also enables operators to diagnose the health of their machines. Using VersaLink, they can determine whether units are functioning properly, and can also execute system updates by remote contact. When physical attention is needed, a technician can be dispatched via text or email notification.

What Squadle Users Can Expect

First and foremost, the companies will see Triton and Squadle’s combined effort as a major time-saver, providing portfolio management and a digital interface that helps them run their businesses more effectively. We estimate the consolidated technology could cut in half the time it takes to pursue multiple sites and applications.

Users with Squadle and VersaLink can receive a multitude of notifications via tablet, such as flashing alerts and messages and an open chat dashboard through which money management-specific messages can be funneled.

We think that this partnership will lead to new opportunities to expand its customer base, particularly to the several thousand VersaSafe customers — including many restaurants and retailers — who would value the capability for multisite access through a single device. VersaLink is just the first of several solutions planned for integration into the Squadle offering.

Overall, we're excited to see how this helps make your lives easier! Whether you're a current customer or new to Squadle, email me, Mike, anytime at mike@squadle.com. I'm happy to answer your questions!