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Squadle Checklists is the perfect operations management system built to elevate and engage your workforce. Through our pilot program, you now have the opportunity to test our Checklists application, patented Zero-Touch handheld temperature probe, and our wireless temperature monitors at any one of your stores.  Apply now to register your Dunkin' Donuts business in our risk-free pilot program and start seeing all of the benefits today! 

“I love the daily emails. Seeing the completion percentages for all my stores gives me a sense of security that things are getting done. I review in the morning and make calls to address issues if necessary.”

- John Nadreau, Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisee

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Customer Success Stories

Squadle engages my team, makes them more efficient, and makes them more aware.
The time savings from all of this is a HUGE help.”

- Sam Lubeznik, McDonald’s Franchisee

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